Time to take a break. 

A) Delete all your ads and start fresh 

B) Do not post for the next 7-30 days. 

When you do start to repost your ads: 

1) Only in your local area. Do not use more than one craigslist site. Use the ONE site that is most relevant to you. 

2) Use only one account. Only post 2 new or renewed ads a week. Never have double ads for the same content. Never have more than 10 live ads at any given time. 

3) Do not use HTML, templates, or posting services. No live links is also the best policy. 

4) Do not over use symbols of any kind; $#@()-*&%$#@. Do not use keyword lists ever. Do not try and hide keyword lists using small print and light colored fonts. 

5) ALWAYS delete old ads when the ad is no longer needed. For example when an item is sold; delete the ad. 

6) Familiarize yourself with the TOU and the FAQ of this site: http://www.craigslist.org/about/ 

7) Never use the location field for advertising your business name or phone number.